Quality food and Service.

We offer fresh food of the best quality. Our food truck and catering options include Breakfast, Brunch, Dinners, and Parties. Our flexible service options include pick-up, drop-off, decorations, and servers. Book now online or call to experience a blast of Flavor!!

How We Started.

Boomer’s Kitchen and Catering was founded in 2015 by V’Esther Brown (also known as Boomer). Starting a catering business was never Boomer’s intention. But while posting home-cooked meals on her Instagram, she received great feedback and comments. In 2015, Boomer was on a mission! She would sell platters as a fundraiser to get her son through college. She started with her famous breakfast platters, selling out every weekend from her home. That’s when she noticed her skills could go further than the kitchen. Boomer decided to clear her savings and invest in a food truck. The rest is history!

V’Esther Brown aka Boomer, Owner/Founder of Boomer's Kitchen & Catering

“My business started from cooking for my friends in my kitchen to catering for my friends from my kitchen. The business just grew from word of mouth and great customer service!”

– V’Esther Brown aka Boomer

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