Level up your Food Truck business in 2022!

Boomer's Food Truck.

Learn how Verizon Small Business Digital Ready helped us expand our digital reach and made running a business smoother and less stressful.

Level up your Food Truck
business in 2022!

Before beginning the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready courses, I was running my business successfully all by myself. But at times I felt I wasn’t running my business it was running me.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready is a free online program that helps small business owners succeed in today’s digital world. It has self-paced learning led by industry leaders with personalized coaching. There are also networking opportunities, and incentives toward grants for eligible businesses.

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From 10 courses and coaching sessions, I have learned about tracking finances, how to write a business plan, attracting corporate catering gigs, marketing on social media, and infusing search engine optimization (SEO) into my website. What I’ve learned in the program made things smoother and less stressful. I’m up earlier, promoting more, getting invoices faster, and booking faster. I’ve even hired a new assistant

2022 is starting out with GREAT THINGS and Boomer’s Kitchen and Catering is ready to go to the next level. I am thankful and grateful for this program and the opportunity to share my story!

To sign up for this free program, visit verizon.com/smallbusinessdigitalready

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